Welcome to Shaw's Consulting Services

Shaw's Consulting Services Ltd is a privately owned New Zealand company started in 2003 by Chris & Helen Shaw. SCS have operated profitably and successfully as a family based company with a culture of direct communication with clients and a desire to provide a high quality service delivered at the agreed time and at a reasonable price.

The main activities of the company are

  • High speed road roughness data collection
  • RAMM condition rating, inventory collection and validation
  • Information systems consultancy and development
  • Training and consultancy services within the roading sector specialising in asset management systems, in particular RAMM
  • Transit NZ accredited trainer in temporary traffic management, RAMM inventory collection, RAMM condition rating and RAMM data entry.
  • Database design and development

SCS maintains relationships with a network of like-minded individuals and companies throughout New Zealand. This network includes qualified and experienced civil engineers and road asset management specialists. This allows SCS to provide a range of asset management related services.


Shaw's Consulting Services Limited    Chris Shaw - Director   Tel. (06) 755 0115   Mob. 021 459 617